Emesent Partners With Halo Robotics to Bring Autonomous Drone Technology to Indonesia

Emesent’s Advanced Laser Imaging Technology Gives Drones Autonomous Flight Capabilities, Expanding Their Applications Across Key Industries

August 19, 2019 – Emesent, fast emerging global leader in autonomy and robotic intelligence technology, today announced its partnership with Halo Robotics, Indonesia’s leader in commercial drone equipment and services. Through this partnership, Emesent’s laser imaging and commercial drone solutions will be made more accessible to professionals and enterprises now increasingly looking to seamlessly integrate drone technology into their operations and workflow.

“Halo Robotics’ deep experience with drone applications across key national industries in Indonesia, together with Emesent’s advanced robotics intelligence solutions that support drones to function autonomously, means that enterprises of all kinds will now be able to adapt these extremely useful tools to reduce risk in critical operations, and significantly improve business efficiency,” says Dr. Stefan Hrabar, CEO at Emesent.

“Our laser-based mapping sensor, Hovermap, which we are excited to launch to customers in Indonesia today, is a great example of the kind of powerful solutions we’re bringing to the market. Giving drones the ability to autonomously carry out different operations while also intelligently avoiding obstacles, means that users in even the most challenging types of industries will now have the ability to use drones to collect and analyze critical information quickly, transforming operations and helping to make smarter decisions like never before.”

The newly-launched Hovermap is a powerful 3D laser mapping device based on technology known commonly as LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), sending out laser pulses and transforming data about each pulse into actionable insights – giving the drone an ability to localize itself in 3D space and navigate autonomously, while also collecting incredibly detailed information about the surrounding area at the same time. Hovermap’s compact design allows it to be easily installed on commonly used drones, allowing the drones to navigate through tight spaces and otherwise risky environments to carry out advanced mapping, inspection, and public safety operations.

With Hovermap, the drone uses its own visual intelligence to avoid obstacles and carry out its instructions, without requiring GPS or other types of radio control communications that have typically required drones to be flown outside, and never far from operators. Hovermap on the other hand uses visual intelligence to navigate the drone, allowing it to fly in GPS-denied environments, and in places where no operator can access – major applications in Indonesia include industrial inspection of high voltage power lines and telecommunications towers; inside and around high-risk industrial facilities; and 3D mapping through railway tunnels, or in underground mine complexes.

With drones already in use in many companies, Emesent products are importantly “plug and play” with the drone platforms made by DJI, the dominant global drone maker claiming more than 80% market share in countries like Indonesia. Solving the longtime problem of complexity around use of LIDAR sensors, the Hovermap ships with simple parts to securely install the payload into DJI drones, and is fully integrated with DJI’s common tablet App interface for user-friendly controls.

The Hovermap is compatible with DJI’s Matrice 200 Series and Matrice 600 Pro commercial drones. As both an autonomous navigation and advanced 3D mapping tool, operators can use the Hovermap as a payload that (1) supports safe flying in confined spaces or around high risk assets; while (2) at the same time collecting ultra-high resolution LIDAR and visual data on mapping and inspection missions.

“Indonesian companies are always on the lookout for new technology to drive business efficiency and reduce risk, and drones are quickly becoming a big part of their operations,” said Eli Moselle, CEO of Halo Robotics.

“Hovermap expands the use of drones into many crucial applications in confined space and high risk environments where there is enormous return on investment for enterprise users. The Emesent Hovermap is not just an amazing tool – it also signals a fundamental transformation in the drone industry with the advent of fully autonomous, intelligent drone solutions unlocking entirely new applications for the technology. We are very excited to partner with Emesent as a clear global leader in autonomy and advanced imaging technology, we cannot wait to see the possibilities their reliable and cost-effective solutions will bring to so many key industries here in Indonesia.”

Targeted Industries in Indonesia:

Emesent and Halo Robotics’ partnership will serve the growing interest of local business and government organizations seeking drone solutions in key industrial applications including:

Industrial Inspections – Asset-intensive and heavy industries like Oil & Gas, Renewables, Steel, Chemicals, Cement, Power Generation & Power Transmission are a major areas where drone technology saves lives and improves business efficiency. Tall metal structures, high voltage power lines, and telecommunications towers are examples where electromagnetism and signal frequencies have traditionally made safe drone operations almost impossible, because they interfere with the communications systems used by most drones to navigate. Using the Emesent Hovermap LIDAR sensor, the drone is instead able to use advanced real-time analysis to localize itself in 3-dimensional space, perceiving its environment and using its own intelligence for navigation, allowing both safe and close flight to analyze industrial structures in incredible detail.

Transport & Public Infrastructure: Survey & Inspection – Construction and infrastructure are industries where, using the Emesent Hovermap, surveyors are able to quickly map sites to understand land contours, elevation, and critical surface features of land, in order to design and build new projects. After projects are completed, drones are able to survey the structures to generate ultra-high accuracy 3D models for later inspection maintenance, and able to detect even very small changes in the structures – important in active earthquake and volcanic zones where ground and soil conditions frequently change, such as Indonesia. Highlighting the power of its autonomy technology, the Emesent Hovermap is able to fly into MRT tunnels, under bridges, and around complex infrastructure that had previously been impossible for drones to navigate, ultimately helping to make those projects safer, more cost efficient, and well maintained over time.

As-Built 3D Models & Industrial Maintenance Optimization – Maintenance is a big cost area for heavy industries of all kinds, requiring scheduled down time and risky operations, where a frequent challenge is that the actual construction of a facility can be very different from the schematic or blueprint. Things can also change over time due to soil movements – pipelines for example. Solving this problem, the Emesent Hovermap can be used in even the most high-risk environments, both as a handheld scanner and drone scanner, using LIDAR to generate an ultra-high accuracy 3D “As Built” models of the assets for further analysis and deeper understanding, in order to improve the procedures and speed of maintenance activities – often reducing costs significantly.

Mining, Above and Underground – A large part of Indonesia’s GDP, mining is economically important and a major industry where Emesent Hovermap provides a unique solution to improve safety and business efficiency. High accuracy mapping is a core part of the mining business, and LIDAR imagery can be used through the entirety of a mining life cycle, including: site survey and feasibility study; stockpile and volume calculations; geotechnical and structural monitoring; pre- and post-blast analysis; environmental management; operational safety monitoring, progress reporting, and more. Not only making LIDAR data more widely accessible above ground, the Emesent Hovermap is a unique solution for underground miners because it is able to fly autonomously into high risk zones where humans cannot access, gathering ultra-high resolution geospatial data about the structures quickly in order to improve safety, speed, and budget efficiency in underground mining operations.

Pricing & Availability

The Emesent Hovermap LiDAR payload is available today for purchase through Halo Robotics and authorized service partners in Indonesia.

For additional information, please contact:

Emesent: Dini Malhi, Marketing Consultant: dini.malhi@emesent.io Halo Robotics: Johannes Soekidi, Managing Director: johannes@halo-robotics.com

About Emesent

Autonomous mapping in challenging environments: with a LiDAR-based sensor suite and proprietary autonomy algorithms, Emesent technology provides omnidirectional collision avoidance, GPS-denied flight, high-level application specific autonomy and SLAM-based 3D mapping. These core technologies allow drones to perform a range of tasks, collecting valuable data that was otherwise impossible to collect. Examples include mapping inaccessible areas of underground mines and inspecting telecommunication and broadcast towers.

About Halo Robotics

Halo Robotics is Indonesia’s leading distributor of commercial drone technology, with a mission to help business and government organizations to increase efficiency. Partnering with leading technology innovators around the world, Halo Robotics maintains an absolute commitment to full solutions for every client in every industry that it serves. With a vision to support better business through technology, the company sees scaled adoption of drone technology as a key driver of business efficiency, sustainability and positive systemic change. As national distributors and service providers, Halo Robotics serves every key industry sector in Indonesia, including agriculture, mining, oil and gas, power, construction and infrastructure, telecoms, security, public safety and emergency response. For more information about Halo Robotics, visit www.halorobotics.co.id.



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