Pix4D is a major player in drone mapping and modeling software solutions. Founded in 2011 by scientist and photogrammetry expert Dr. Christoph Strecha, after more than ten years of leading scientific research, Pix4D has become the main provider and industry standard for professional drone photogrammetry software. Started as a spin-off of École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland, Pix4D is a dynamic and rapidly expanding company with headquarters in Lausanne and local offices in six cities : Berlin, Madrid, Shanghai, San Francisco, Tokyo and Denver.


The company’s end-to-end solutions empower individuals to instantly capture their own 3D maps of changing environments. Images taken by hand, by drone or by plane are automatically converted into georeferenced 2D mosaics, 3D surface models and point clouds. 


Today, Pix4D offers a wide range of solutions for professionals in the construction, surveying, mining, farming, and public safety industries.


Drone Mapping & Modeling Software



Halo is Indonesia's leader in enterprise drones. As the earliest pioneers in commercial drone technology with strong industrial backgrounds, we will understand your business and provide full solutions that meet your budget and requirements.


Cost-effective solutions that address your specific challenges and scope. We are committed to a long-term approach, advising fit-for-purpose technology and services to address real requirements, and drive high return on investment.


Certified training programs, complete authorized after-sales center in Jakarta, and a commitment to provide amazing results of all services we provide. This is the Halo way: we will go to any length to maintain a reputation for service excellence.


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