Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Beijing, China, ZEROTECH is a provider of Hybrid Fixed wing UAV and UAS, with expertise in UAV technologies such as triple redundancy flight controller, camera payload, HD video data transmission and digital image stabilization. Committed to its enterprise mission, ‘To become a leader of drone industry who providing intelligence solutions for all industries application’, we developed drone-based custom solutions to meet the needs from government, industry and other organization.

With almost a decade of experience in fixed-wing and multi-rotor smart drones and smart UAS, ZEROTECH has strong background of developing commercial use UAVs. Since the launch of its very first product, High One, it has developed flight control systems, stabilizing gimbals, automatic tracking moving objects and real-time data transmission for commercial and professional use. ZEROTECH has developed technologies and applied for mapping, security, filming, agriculture, inspection of power lines and scientific research. Its ‘GEMINI’ autopilot system is renowned internationally.

In 2016, ZEROTECH has deepened its efforts in developing products for the consumer market. Most well-known product is Dobby Pocket Drone, enabling consumers to enjoy pocket-size tech that makes flying fun and easy. Please check our history to get further information of History.

Serves Thousands of Customers

As a global company, our products are sold in over 30 countries. From China to Europe, from Africa to the Americas, we’re gaining trust and brand loyalty of our audience. These two years, the market of industrial use UAV are growing fast, the market needs are shifting our company from B2C to B2B.



Halo is Indonesia's leader in enterprise drones. As the earliest pioneers in commercial drone technology with strong industrial backgrounds, we will understand your business and provide full solutions that meet your budget and requirements.


Cost-effective solutions that address your specific challenges and scope. We are committed to a long-term approach, advising fit-for-purpose technology and services to address real requirements, and drive high return on investment.


Certified training programs, complete authorized after-sales center in Jakarta, and a commitment to provide amazing results of all services we provide. This is the Halo way: we will go to any length to maintain a reputation for service excellence.


The intelligent aerial solution ‘Eye in the Sky’ covers Inspection and Surveying


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