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Halo Robotics helps enterprise organizations to transform process and increase efficiency. Focused on drones and based in Jakarta, the company operates throughout Indonesia with the mission to provide full solutions with service excellence in every industry. 

Authorized Distributor: powerful fit-for-purpose drone solutions, certified training programs, and full aftersales support.

Drone Services: professional drone services, with internationally certified pilots and industry professionals.


Rentals & Leasing: flexible programs to provide redundancy and easy access to pilots and drone technology as needed.






DJI Enterprise is the global leader in commercial drone technology. Halo Robotics is the original authorized Gold-status distribution partner of DJI Enterprise in Indonesia, with full certified training and after-sales in Jakarta, and serving the biggest companies and government organizations across every industry with proven solutions that transform process and increase efficiency.

Major applications include:

  • Inspection & Asset Integrity Management

  • 3D Mapping, Modeling & Surveying

  • Public Safety, Security & Emergency Response

Emesent's pioneering LIDAR & Autonomy technology provides drones with visual intelligence to navigate independently and fly safely avoiding obstacles, while simultaneously obtaining super-high resolution LIDAR scans. This powerful combination of LIDAR and Autonomy allows safe flight and accurate digitalization of previously unimaginable assets and spaces, including high risk industrial assets and inside underground mines. 

Major applications made possible include:

  • As-Built Construction 3D Modeling & Asset Digitalization

  • Underground Mining Survey & Inspection

  • LIDAR Survey & Mapping in High Risk Environments

Flyability makes confined space drone technology, able to enter and systematically inspect high risk industrial assets.

The Flyability Elios 2 drone is widely used by industry leaders in Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Power, Cement, Steel, Mining, and more, universally confirming dramatic increases in inspection process efficiency and workplace safety.

(Imagine saving 50-70% per year on scaffolding.)


Halo Robotics is Flyability's sole authorized distribution partner in Indonesia, providing POC inspection services, certified training, and after-sales support programs. Contact us to learn about implementation of this high-ROI technology.

ZeroTech, the world leader in commercial VTOL drone technology, has worked with Halo Robotics in Indonesia since 2017, and continues to lead the global market in reliable, high quality, hybrid multi-rotor fixed wing drones. Powered by advanced A.I. algorithms for stable flight and maximum performance in every application, ZeroTech VTOL are as powerful as they are user friendly, with triple redundancy safety features and simple controls designed for systematic long-range use by new and experienced operators alike.

Major applications include:

  • Long-Range Inspection & Asset Integrity Management

  • High Accuracy 3D Mapping, Modeling & Surveying

  • Monitoring, Security, Fire & Emergency Response

DroneShield is the global leader in C-UAS ("anti-drone") with full solutions for drone detection, recognition, identification, tracking, access control, and jamming. Stationary and semi-stationary systems for critical infrastructure and high profile buildings, as well as tactical solutions for personnel and mixed use anti-drone emergency response scenarios.


Simple, powerful, integrated: Contact us to learn why DroneShield was selected by the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Defence for Oil and Gas facilities protection programs following refinery attacks in 2019. We specialize in asset protection against drones and will be happy to detail specific fit-for-purpose recommendations to suit any type of budget and site protection requirements.